Stand Up For Town on Radio Yorkshire

James Chisem from HTSA and Oli Fisher from the Cowshed Loyal (formerly NSL) discussed the safe standing campaign at Huddersfield Town on Monday afternoon in the Radio Yorkshire studio.

Various issues surrounding the campaign were raised, such as the logistics of safe standing, what it would mean for the atmosphere inside the stadium and how it could benefit all parties.

Here is the full version of the interview, provided by Radio Yorkshire.

Stand Up For Town

The Football Supporters’ Federation (FSF) states that the main aim of its Safe Standing Campaign is to “[to] persuade the Government, football authorities and football clubs to accept the case for introducing, on a trial basis, limited sections of standing areas at selected grounds in the stadiums of Premier League and Championship football clubs.”

Using the Safe Standing Campaign’s mission statement as a springboard, Stand Up For Town aims for the introduction of a safe standing area comprised of rail-seating in a section of the John Smith’s Stadium.

The experience of European clubs, including Celtic F.C., shows that the installation of small sections of rail seating provides greater value for money and choice for supporters, creates a better match-day experience for those who wish to sit and those who wish to stand, and improves the general level of safety in stadia.

To this end, Stand Up For Town seeks to (a) establish the position and interests of the various stakeholders in the John Smith’s Stadium, (b) persuade these stakeholders to accept the case for safe standing/rail-seating, and (c) work together with these stakeholders to develop a practical proposal for the introduction of a section of rail-seating in the John Smith’s Stadium.

For a more detailed exploration of our position, see here. You can also follow Stand Up For Town on Twitter. (more…)